Our Values

Our Values

Automated production is the future direction of many industries. The company introduces pallet automation manufacturing machinery to meet the needs of the market and can provide complete and diversified services. Maintain a certain quality in mass production.

Over 20 Years of Professional Experience

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Ho Chung Hsing Enterprise Corp.

Ho Chung Hsing Enterprise Corp. was established in 1995, with 20 years of pallet manufacturing experience and expertise, we focus on providing valuable service to our client, regardless of quality requirements or customization. At the same time, adjust the service to meet the changing needs of customers.

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Professional Service

Our Process

Support the Client to find the best solution



Understand the client needs,



Analyzed the weight of the product according to the needs of the client and design the most suitable pallet with correct wood species for single use or multiple time use.



Confirmed the design. Proceed to the production line and finally, good delivery.

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